Confirmation is one of three Sacraments of Initation which includes Baptsim and Eucharist.

“Those who have been baptised continue on the path of Christian initiation through the Sacrament of Confirmation. In this way, they receive the Holy Spirit, conforming them more perfectly to Christ and strengthening them so that they may bear witness to Christ for the building up of his body in faith and love.” (Rite of Confirmation, nn. 1-2).

In the Archdiocese of Sydney, Confirmation is received after First Eucharist when the child is in Year Six or older. Like Baptism, Confirmation is only received once, whereas Eucharist is received over and over every week.


  • Candidates are in year 6 and above at school
  • Candidates have been baptised in the Catholic Church and celebrated their First Reconciliation and received their First Eucharist. Please have the copy of the certificates ready when you register online

Key dates 2023:

  • Registration period: Monday 24 April – Tuesday 16 May
  • Information session: Saturday 20 May, 4pm at Parish Hall. Followed by commitment mass at 5pm
  • Formation sessions (other school than St Brigid’s Primary): Saturday, 27 May and 10 June, 4pm at Parish Hall
  • Rehersal and Reconciliation: Saturday 24 June, 4pm
  • Confirmation Mass: Wednesday, 28 June, 5.30pm

At least one parent/carer need to attend the commitment mass, info and formation sessions with the candidate.

Sacrament of Confirmation: Registration Form